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Goldnote®is a unique precious metals investment product comprised of 9999 pure gold within a polymer banknote. Goldnote makes it easy to carry gold in your wallet!

JM Bullion is our exclusive retail partner.

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JM Bullion

JM Bullion is Goldnote’s exclusive U.S. retailer. Please click on the link above to access JM Bullion where you can open an account and buy Goldnotes. As the future unfolds please look for an expanding portfolio of denominations in both grams and fractional Troy ounces and for special collectors edition notes.

Goldnote is a proprietary monetary note containing an embedded gold fiche, within a clear polymer window. Each gold fiche contains markings that signify its weight, its 9999 purity and both our hallmark logo and registered trademark name. The surrounding note states the weight of the gold fiche and contains numerous security features, in particular the secure QR code with which the note can be authenticated using a smart phone.

State of the Art Note Design

Goldnote has a number of qualities that include:

  • Anti-counterfeit technology with numerous embedded security features.
  • Tangible asset that possesses intrinsic value; not dependant on any counterparty.
  • Attractive design aesthetic that is sleek and both easily stored and transported in your wallet.

Authentication by Secure QR Code

Goldnote’s Secure QR code is a smart phone readable encrypted code supporting rapid and secure authentication. For details about our Secure QR code’s features and a brief instructional video, please click on the button below.

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U.S. Patent: 10,668,765 B2
Canadian Patent: 3,097,803
Indian Patent: 519472
Patents pending: European Union, Peoples Republic of China.


Goldnote Corp
Ontario, Canada
Toll Free: 1-855-558-GOLD (4653)


Goldnote is a unique and innovative investor product in various gram and fractional Troy ounce sizes.